We use both acrylic and gel systems by NSI and CREATIVE NAIL for sculptured new sets, permanent French, fills, French fills, colored acrylic nail art, 3D nail art and hand painted nail art. Our nail technicians are experienced in the use of colored/glitter acrylics, rhinestones and accessories to produce beautiful, one of a kind, "work of art" nails. We are also the only salon in Mexico to offer ORIGINAL MINX nails.

Full Set Acrylic Nails: $380 & up
Full Set Gel Nails: $400 & up
Fill: $200 & up
French Backfill: $280 & up

Use of colored/ glitter acrylics and nail art extra

Original Minx Manicure- $550 pesos, ( includes manicure and Minx service)

Original Minx Pedicure- $650 Pesos ( includes pedicure and Minx service)

Minx Nails + Eyelash Extensions = 50% off Brazillian Blowout!

Salon Diva's is the only EXCLUSIVE distributor of Original MINX Nails!